Summoning Elemental Kings in Summoners War No.1 Powerful Game

Summoners War is a turn-based strategy game for mobile devices. The game was created by Com2uS and was first released at the Electronic Entertainment Expo on June 12, 2014. It is now available for Android and iOS. The game features combat, strategic battles, and unique elements. Players are required to collect and use spells to defeat their opponents.

Summon Homunculus

In Summoners War, the Homunculus is a summon that you can use to defeat your enemies. Its attributes are Fire, Wind, and Water. You can evolve it by feeding it essences. It can stay awake while changing its attribute, but you can’t make it evolve into a different type of monster.

The first step in summoning the Homunculus is to collect the materials you need. Once you have these materials, you can choose a name for your new creature. The default name of your Homunculus is Fire, but you can change it to Light or another element by evolving the skill. Changing the name of your Homunculus costs 150 crystals.

Summon Elemental King

If you’re looking to use your Summon Elemental King in PvP, you can choose between several different monsters. The shaman, for example, has two skills. The first one, Shannon, reduces the attack speed of enemies and increases the defence of allies. The second, Lulu, has all the support skills you could ask for.

The passive effect of Summon Elemental King grants him an advantage over enemies of the Wind element, which is Water’s weakness. This makes it possible to play with two-star Wind monsters in lategame. Other benefits of Summoning the Elemental King include a speed buff that extends your turn, and a defense debuff that makes monsters less squishy.

Summon Homunculus with rare scroll

The ability to summon a homunculus is an ancient one, and is derived from alchemy. This method of creating life from nothing was abandoned after the modern scientific revolution, but its mysteries intrigued Sir Isaac Newton. At the time, alchemy was considered a form of hocus-pocus and magic.

The process involves the use of a powder containing sun stone, sulfur, magnet, and green tutia. The mixture is then mixed with sap from a white willow tree and placed in a glass or lead container. This is done for three days, after which it is fed with the blood of a decapitated mother.

Summoning Elemental Kings in Summoners War

Summon Konamiya

Summoning Konamiya in Summoners War is an effective way to help your team. Her passive skill allows her to heal your allies for 1 mana and will also remove all debuffs and effects from your allied monsters. She can also heal allies for 15% of their HP. Her skills can be easily leveled up by using Lushen combs and Unknown Scrolls.

Another great way to level up your Konamiya in Summoners War is to train your Summoning Skills! There are three types of challenges in the game: daily missions, one-time-only challenges, and hidden missions. Daily missions reset at 12H00 PST, while Hidden Missions unlock when you unlock the Cairos Dungeon.

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