Texas Ag Fled Home With His Wife To Avoid Subpoena In Abortion Case

Texas AG Flew Home With His Wife to Avoid Subpoena in Abortion Lawsuit

The Texas Attorney General fled his home with his wife to avoid a subpoena in a lawsuit about abortion rules in the state. The suit was brought by nonprofits and aims to stop the state from making it harder for Texans to obtain abortions.

Paxton flees home with his wife to avoid subpoena in abortion case

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and his wife fled their McKinney, Texas, home after receiving a subpoena in an abortion lawsuit. The Texas Attorney General’s office was served by Ernesto Martin Herrera on Wednesday, but Paxton and his wife Angela did not respond to the document. The process server left a card, telling the attorney general’s wife to call him.

When Ernesto Martin Herrera showed up at Paxton’s home on Wednesday, Angela answered the door and told him that Paxton was on the phone and in a hurry to leave. The process server offered to wait while he waited for Paxton to return. He left a business card with Angela. After 20 minutes, Paxton arrived in his black Tahoe.

Ken Paxton criticizes move

The Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ken Paxton has criticized the move by the Texas Attorney General’s office to avoid a subpoena in an abortion case. The move comes amid mounting legal challenges for Paxton, who is currently under indictment on state securities fraud charges. He has denied wrongdoing in both cases. Paxton is running for reelection in November against Democratic challenger Rochelle Garza.

The process server, Ernesto Martin Herrera, was in a car parked in front of Paxton’s home when Paxton was served with the process. Herrera knocked on the front door and Paxton answered. The woman who answered the door, identified herself as “Angela,” told the process server that he was on the phone and wanted to get out of the house.

Texas AG flees home with wife to avoid subpoena in abortion case

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is facing accusations of fleeing his home with his wife in order to avoid a subpoena in an abortion case. The lawsuit was filed by organizations that help Texans get abortions outside the state. The plaintiffs want a court order barring criminal charges against abortion providers or their employees.

The Texas AG’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the incident. After the Texas Tribune reported the incident, Paxton’s attorneys did not return phone calls and messages left on his voicemail. Attorneys for abortion rights organizations have also requested a court order banning the prosecution of state employees involved in the abortion case.

Ken Paxton defends move

A subpoena served on Ken Paxton’s home was not served on Monday, the judge ruled. The woman who answered the door said she recognized Paxton as his secretary. Paxton left the house in a hurry, she said. The judge later discovered a black Chevrolet truck parked in Paxton’s driveway and another car pulling up to the house.

Ken Paxton is a white man who was raised in an institution that was built for his race. His politics are conservative, so he’s benefited from this political climate. He once said that his three-syllable name is the secret to his political success.

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