Which Cannabis Business Social Network is Right For Your Business?

Which Cannabis Business Social Network is Right For Your Business?

If you’re thinking about joining a cannabis business social network, you’ll need to decide which one is right for your business. While each of these social networking sites has its advantages, you should also be aware of the requirements that each one has to meet. Among these are privacy, product evaluations, and employment. Because cannabis is an industry based on community, these sites will be helpful in many ways.


Leafwire is a new social network for the cannabis business that connects cannabis business owners and professionals with each other. Users can browse job listings and create their profiles. They can also specify their professional interests, investment preferences, and other information. In addition to company profiles, Leafwire also offers news, industry insights, and a Green Pages directory.

The social network is a good place to network and get leads. Members can post articles, images, texts, and live streams. They can also create groups with similar interests. They can also listen to podcasts and live streams.


The MjLink cannabis business social network is a great place to network and build your cannabis business. There are several different features available, such as video sharing, news feeds, and directory listings. In addition, the MjLink website gives you control over your privacy, allowing you to make posts public or private. You can also block users you do not want to contact.

Another great social media site for cannabis businesses is Leafly. This network is a one-stop social hub for growers, users, and other cannabis-related businesses. It has almost seven hundred thousand members and recently launched an app. While Leafly isn’t solely for growers, it has a large community of cannabis enthusiasts who post discussions about the strains they’re growing.


The CannaSOS cannabis business social network brings together people who are interested in the marijuana industry to create a community where they can share ideas, questions, and solutions. It offers various ways to advertise your business, from creating profile pages with pictures to creating banner ads and contests. There are thousands of people on the site and you can target your ads to reach your desired audience.

As a cannabis business owner, it is vital to create relationships. You need to know what your competitors are up to, and can also learn from their experience. Taking the time to build relationships with other people is the best way to increase your chances of success.


WeedLife is a social networking site that is dedicated to the cannabis community. Users can connect through the site’s news feed to learn about new cannabis companies and interact with fellow users. Members can also participate in marijuana-related forums. Registration is free, and members can post and respond to other members’ posts.

The company’s social networking website started out as a simple weed-related forum, but now boasts over a million members. With its consistent blogging, it has cultivated a dedicated community of cannabis enthusiasts. Members can talk about everything from the legality of cannabis to weed-related news and events.


Duby is an anonymous social network that connects cannabis business owners and users. With hundreds of thousands of members, Duby is a great place to promote your cannabis products and network with like-minded individuals. You can also remain anonymous to maintain your privacy. Besides being a great networking platform, Duby offers users a rewards program and a variety of features.

The Duby app allows you to create an account and promote your cannabis products and services. It is a secure social networking app for cannabis businesses, and it prioritizes privacy. It’s also friendly to tourists from non-legal marijuana areas. You can easily create your own account on Duby, share your content with your followers, and connect with other businesses through Duby’s business layer services.

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